Like a donut a but BETTER

Best vegan and GF donuts

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Pick A Sprinkle

Almonds Crumbs

Cashews Crumbs

Coconut Flakes

Macademia Crumbs

Peanut Crumbs

Pecans Crumbs

Pistachios Crumbs


Walnut Crumbs

 With several toppings to choose from, you can now create your favorite flavor combination to suit your sweet tooth.

Pick A Combo

Dirty Snow

Cinna Colatte

Iced Coco

Coco Nutty

Tropical Delight

Tropical Fever

Tropical Sundae

Tropical Sensation


Snow Colatte

Sticky Nutty

Nutty Nutty

Yellow Snow

Yin Yang

Pick A Drizzle

Secret Sauce




Peanut Butter

Almond Butter

Apple Butter

Don’t stick to our selection. Get creative and make your own guilt free flavor.


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Featured Donuts

Regular  donuts are Vegan donuts made with flour and are  free of corn, soy, egg, milk, butter, and honey .

Gluten free  donuts are also vegan but made with yuca or cassava flour.  Gluten free are  also free of corn, soy, egg, milk,butter and honey.

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